The Chair

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The team of the chair consists of the head of the institute, the scientific staff and PhD students, as well as employees in administration and technology. They are supported by numerous student assistants.

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Job offers

Here you can find a current list of all aviable job offers.

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Here you can find a current list of all upcoming seminar presentations at the Chair of Geology, Geochemistry and Deposits of Petroleum and Coal in winter semester 2019/20

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Petrophysics / Applied Physical Chemistry

This research department deals with the physical and chemical aspects of the formation and migration of fluids, liquids and gases in sedimentary basins.


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Laboratory for organic-geochemical Analysis

The laboratory for organic-geochemical analysis is equipped with modern analytical technology for the identification and quantification of organic compounds in liquid and solid matrices down to the ultra trace range.


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Microscopical Lab

Organic Petrology deals with the microscopic description and properties of organic matter in sedimentary rocks.

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