Research at the LEK

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Thematic priorities of the studies are organic geochemical processes in sedimentary systems as well as petrophysical researches on low permeable sedimentary rock and numeric basin modeling in sedimentary systems.


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Organic Geochemistry of Fossil Matter

Organic Geochemistry deals with the analysis of oils, coals and organic-rich rocks. Investigations on fossil material deal with the molecular aspects of its composition.

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A complete list of publications with search function can be found here.


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Organic Environmental Geochemistry

Our environmental investigations deal with the fate and assessment of anthropogenic contaminatints in ecosystems.

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This research unit deals with the physical and chemical aspects of the formation and migration of fluids, liquids and gases in sedimentary basins.

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Numerical Basin Modeling

The numeric basin modeling allows to research on physical and chemical processes in sedimentary basin on a bigger scale.

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