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Chair of Organic Biochemistry in Geo-Systems


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Open Access Publications

The Birkhead and Murta formations - organic geochemistry and organic petrography of Mesozoic fluvio-lacustrine source rocks in the Eromanga Basin, central Australia

Down under and under Cover—The Tectonic and Thermal History of the Cooper and Central Eromanga Basins (Central Eastern Australia)

Reconstructing 3D subsurface salt flow

Influence of Quaternary glaciations on subsurface temperatures, pore pressures, rock properties and petroleum systems in the onshore northeastern Netherlands

Numerical 3D modeling of burial and temperature history, source rock maturity, and hydrocarbon generation in the onshore northeastern Netherlands

Lithospheric evolution, thermo-tectonic history and source-rock maturation in the Gippsland Basin, Victoria, southeastern Australia (vol 69, pg 83, 2021)

An Integrated Imaging Study of the Pore Structure of the Cobourg Limestone-A Potential Nuclear Waste Host Rock in Canada

Simultaneous determination of the effective stress coefficients for permeability and volumetric strain on a tight sandstone

Lithospheric evolution, thermo-tectonic history and source-rock maturation in the Gippsland Basin, Victoria, southeastern Australia

Pore structure and sorption capacity investigations of Ediacaran and Lower Silurian gas shales from the Upper Yangtze platform, China

Experimental Investigation of Gas Dynamic Effects Using Nanoporous Synthetic Materials as Tight Rock Analogues

Origins of hydrocarbons in the Geneva Basin: insights from oil, gas and source rock organic geochemistry

Characterization of Late Cretaceous to Miocene source rocks in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: An integrated numerical approach of stratigraphic forward modelling and petroleum system modelling

Organic petrology and geochemistry of Triassic and Jurassic coals of the Tabas Basin, Northeastern/Central Iran

Thermal Effects of Magmatism on Surrounding Sediments and Petroleum Systems in the Northern Offshore Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Geochemical and petrographic investigation of Triassic and Late Miocene organic-rich intervals from onshore Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean

Dynamics of sedimentary basins and underlying lithosphere at plate boundaries: the Eastern Mediterranean

Geochemical and petrographic analyses of new petroleum source rocks from the onshore Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous of Lebanon

Tectono-thermal evolution of Oman's Mesozoic passive continental margin under the obducting Semail Ophiolite: a case study of Jebel Akhdar, Oman

Source rock characterization of mesozoic to cenozoic organic matter rich marls and shales of the Eratosthenes Seamount, Eastern Mediterranean Sea

Raman microspectroscopy, bitumen reflectance and illite crystallinity scale: comparison of different geothermometry methods on fossiliferous Proterozoic sedimentary basins (DR Congo, Mauritania and Australia)

The Miocene coal seams in the Soma Basin (W. Turkey): Insights from coal petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry

The Dependency of Diffusion Coefficients and Geometric Factor on the Size of the Diffusing Molecule: Observations for Different Clay-Based Materials

Using BIB-SEM Imaging for Permeability Prediction in Heterogeneous Shales

3D thermal history and maturity modelling of the Levant Basin and its eastern margin, offshore-onshore Lebanon (vol 9, pg 440, 2016)

Burial, Temperature and Maturation History of the Austral and Western Malvinas Basins, Southern Argentina, Based on 3d Basin modelling

Thermal evolution and shale gas potential estimation of the Wealden and Posidonia Shale in NW-Germany and the Netherlands: a 3D basin modelling study

Investigations on the shale oil and gas potential of Westphalian mudstone successions in the Campine Basin, NE Belgium (well KB174): Palaeoenvironmental and palaeogeographical controls

A Snapshot of Research Findings Enabled by Scientific Drilling

Petroleum system evolution in the inverted Lower Saxony Basin, northwest Germany: a 3D basin modeling study

Unconventional Gas Resources in the Paleozoic of Central Europe

Sealing rock characteristics under the influence of CO2

Thermal basin modelling of the Arauco forearc basin, south central Chile - Heat flow and active margin tectonics

Geochronology of anthropogenic contaminants in a dated sediment core of the Rhine River (Germany): emission sources and risk assessment

Gas breakthrough experiments on pelitic rocks: comparative study with N-2, CO2 and CH4


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