Transport of Hydrogen in Rocks with Consideration of Abiotic Chemical and Microbiological Redox Reactions (H2ReacT Phase 2)




Garri Gaus


+49 241 80 95753



Project information

Duration: 01.09.2020 – 31.08.2022

Funding scheme: „Nutzung unterirdischer Geosysteme 2“ in GEO:N – „Geoforschung für Nachhaltigkeit“

Funding: The Federal Ministry of Education and research


H2_ReacT was funded as a cooperation project between RWTH Aachen University, BGR and GFZ as part of the GEO:N "Use of Underground Geosystems" programme. The overall objective was to achieve the greatest possible understanding of all potentially relevant transport and conversion processes in geological reservoirs used for hydrogen storage.

The follow-up project H2_ReacT-Phase 2 continues to pursue this objective by collecting reliable experimental data and parameters on the reactivity and mobility of molecular hydrogen in connection with the use of underground space. Abiotic chemical and microbial reactions as well as transport mechanisms of molecular hydrogen under elevated ("in situ") pressure and temperature conditions are considered.

The experimental work is necessary for a better understanding of coupled reaction and transport processes of H2 in the deep underground. The information and experience gained is of potential relevance for predictions on stability, long-term behaviour and economic efficiency of geological hydrogen storage facilities, but also for the underground final or interim storage of nuclear waste that may release hydrogen as a result of chemical corrosion reactions or radiolysis.